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The New Year

As the new year has started, I decided to reflect on what has happened over the past decade. As I was watching the news, there was a story about a solider whom had been recently killed. In an interview with the Sergeants parents, the father made a very important note, he made the comment that “Everyone thinks that the war is over, this is just not true, things are as dangerous as they were if not more.” Wow, what a comment. I had to admit that I agreed with the father. One of the biggest concerns facing the US now is whether or not the United States is going to go to war against Iran. I have heard talk about this very heavily for about the past six months. In my opinion, the last thing the United States needs is another war. The US is still facing huge deficits from the last one not to mention all of the casualties on both sides.  The idea that war stimulates the economy is not a very good argument to utilize when making an argument that would be considered “pro war.”  Senator  Ron Paul addressed this idea in his debate for the presidential run.


As a teenager, I remember have a very intense conversation with my grandfather. My grandfather had been a very highly decorated Colonel in the US Army. I always viewed my grandfather as being a very respectable man and one that had a great deal of influence. My grandfather was very dignified and was usually very calm, cool and collected. I will never forget the talk that I had in regards to the notion of what would happen if America was ever at war again. The conversation took place in the late 80’s before my grandfather passed away in the early nineties.


The conversation that I had with my grandfather was very eye-opening for a young naive teenage girl. When I asked my grandfather what would happen if there was ever another war, he was very concerned about idea of a nuclear attack. My grandfather lived in Japan after Hiroshima took place and helped design bridges and rebuild communities as a member of the US Army Corp of Engineers. He had actually worked out of the Pentagon that was later struck during  September 11.  My mother had to take a train through Japan not long after the Bomb was dropped and witnessed the devastation first hand.  The one comment that I remember hearing from my father whom was in the Navy and fought in WWII as well as my grandfather also a WWII veteran was the theme that “War is hell.”  I will never forget the look on my grandfathers face when he noted that one of his greatest concerns was the idea that the technology in fighting a war would be so advanced that the next one could be so bad that any war after would be fought with sticks and stones again. There is a theme that the devastation would be so grate it could wipe out a good chunk of the planet as we know it.


Many people do not grasp what the soldiers’ of the past was well as the present have had to deal with.  I have always wondered how parents of military people handle the stress of wondering if their children are going to make it back alive.   Veterans are facing problems both mentally and physically. The rates of suicides and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are rather high and should be a cause of concern.  Many veterans have had to deal with “battle fatigue” and are exhausted from having to serve multiple tours of duty.  One may argue that the war is over, however, what will happen if the next one is announced?


One major question that one could pose could be the question of “What would happen if the U.S. had to fight a war on American soil.  Many people have made the argument that 911 happened on U.S. soil. The one main concern is what would happen to the United States if many states were involved and under attack? This would be a huge nightmare to say the least.  The technology of today is extremely advanced with unmanned aircraft and drones. Wars are fought from miles away while soldiers are fighting in the trenches.   What would happen if the U.S. were to go to war with more powerful countries than the ones the military has gone up against now? Some will argue that national security is at stake while others will contend that it is time for all of the fighting to stop.  The debates on fighting in wars are long and involved.  The casualties are endless. Unfortunately, there are many innocent victims that come out of wars.


The casualties of war are not just human. In recent years, the housing markets have imploded along with the economy.  Stocks have tumbled,  retirement funds have collapsed, the banking systems are basically being bankrupted and are operated from overseas. The  US Economy has been in dire straits. One could argue that America is at war with the economic system.  The politicians’ need to take a look at the economic indicators and realize that America needs to be fixed. The matter is urgent and needs immediate attention.  One could make the argument that there is an economic war in the United States as well as on a global level.  Maybe it is time to focus on jobs, the housing markets, pension funds, and the American dream.  Maybe it is time to repair and reconstruct the economic system and focus on the needs of the people.  When it comes time to elect the politicians, Americans need to focus on the people that stand for the values that hold true to the citizens of the United States.

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