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It Profits a man nothing to give his soul for the for the whole world but for a VP Nomination, Timo

“It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Wales, Richard?”

The above quote as you might know is from the 1966 Oscar winner for Best Picture “A Man for All Seasons”. St. Thomas More was played by the great theatrical & movie actor Paul Scofield. In the above quote More is the response to false testimony against him of his former friend Richard Rich at his trial. After Rich testifies an astonished More notices the medallion of office that Rich is wearing indicating his recent appointment as Attorney General of Wales. For his false testimony against Thomas More, Rich was rewarded with the appointment and also led to Thomas More’s conviction and execution by beheading.

Hillary Clinton chose Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate. Senator Kaine has in the past expressed has supported the 40 year old Hyde Amendment which bans Medicaid funding of abortions with the exceptions of rape, incest & life of the mother. It appears his support for this position is now in question. Although Kaine said in a July 29 CNN broadcast, “I have been for the Hyde Amendment, and I haven’t changed my position on that.” Just two days earlier, the Clinton campaign revealed that Kaine who expressed a “personal” support for the pro-life legislation. “But as he’s made clear, he is committed to carrying out Secretary Clinton’s agenda.” So what is Senator Clinton’s agenda? Clinton and the Democratic Party platform support the abolition of the Hyde amendment. Abolishing the Hyde amendment would funnel millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood a major supporter of the Democratic Party and to perform abortions causing the deaths of untold unborn children.

Senator Kaine has stated many times as a practicing Catholic he was personally against abortion but supported the Roe versus Wade decision that struck down all state restrictions in the first trimester and most in the second. He stated that his own personal beliefs shouldn’t be imposed on women. Sources in the DNC say that Clinton offered the VP spot to Kaine only if he changed his position on Federal Funding of abortion. This was reported by Edward Davis who works at CNN (See Edward Mejia Davis ‏@TeddyDavisCNN Twitter account dated July 26th) .

I am the last one to try to determine someone’s personal motives but I do object to forcing myself and millions of other citizens who believe abortion is the taking of human life to be made an accomplice to murder through their tax dollars. Following his own logic that he was personally against abortion but didn’t want to impose his beliefs on others he is exactly doing that by supporting the abolition of the Hyde amendment.

I find this even more abhorrent since it appears his change in his position in exchange for the Democratic Nomination for Vice President.

Just as in the Movie “A man for all Seasons “ Sir Rich sold his “soul” to gain high political office it appears that Senator Kaine is doing the same. Paraphrasing the movie quote I will pose this to senator Kaine, “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the for the whole world but for a VP Nomination Timothy ? ” 

Just my opinion D.B.

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