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Christmas in America 2040: Oligarchy, Succession or Restoration?

I had another birthday last month and It made me reflect on the past and possibilities for the future. I have seen many things change and progress in my 56 years. Some of the changes have been very positive such as civil rights and acceptance of African American’s as full citizens. The dissemination of knowledge by Television and later by the digital revolution and the rise of the internet. A lot of evil has also come into the world the falling of morality in all sectors of the American populace, and the acceptance and utter promotion of the killing of the unborn to name a few. I wonder how my country will look 25 years hence in 2040?

I see three scenarios: The first is the best scenario is the one most unlikely, unless we change our minds and hearts. . The second can have a good outcome but might be fraught with danger in its implementation and the last one which most likely if we stay on our present course which is terrifying for our future generations. Do I mean to scare you during this Christmas season ? The answer is yes in the way that the ghost of Christmas future scared Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ Christmas carol to reform his life. We are just like ghost of Scrooge’s partner explaining to him about how he obtained the chains he was wearing which he replied that he himself made them link by link during his lifetime. We too as a nation, culture and as individuals have blindly made our own chains over the last century.

As individuals we have abandoned our religious foundations ideas as expressed by out Judeo-Christian faith we have replaced it with worshipping at the altar of government. As a nation we abandoned the principle of self-government and the blueprint our founders handed down to us in the constitution. The purpose of which was as James Madison said was to put “chains” on the federal government. We have replaced them putting chains on ourselves and our freedoms. We have traded self-reliance , Charity to our fellow citizens, Even our paternal obligations to the Federal Government for some promise of a future utopia. The result in this can be seen in the totalitarian regimes from the last century in which all ended up in nihilistic holocaust’s.

1) Oligarchy:

The most likely and terrifying scenario is we continue on our present course is easy to predict. Just look at the trends over the last century and extend them into the future, they really only lead to one outcome which we are ruled by a federal Government Ruling Glass an Oligarchy of corporatists. These people are followers of Saul Alinsky who use his manifesto “Rules for Radicals” in order to obtain political power. They also will use the “Cloward Piven” strategy to overwhelm the country in order to transform the country into a totalitarian state throwing aside personal property rights, personal economic and later political freedoms. The destruction of the American economy through the increase of regulation to stifle small and medium size business activity as well as the Affordable Care Act is by design to increase governmental dependency the narrowing of the income tax base to under 50% will make those who pay taxes be in eternal servitude to those who receive the benefits. Of course the status quo cannot continue for much longer and the elite “progressive” ruling class including our current president knows this. The growing 18 trillion dollar national debt along with over a 100 trillion dollar mountain of unfounded liabilities cannot continue. When the currency collapse happens and it will (My guess anytime between 2016-2020) unless drastic changes are made quickly the Federal Government and the ruling elites will act like any organism with a will to survive. The Federal Government will seize private property just like what happened in Cyprus during the first wave of the Eurozone Crisis in 2014 in which the government took part of their citizens checking and savings accounts.. The Federal Government is already eyeing our 401K’s and Private Pension funds which now amount to Approx. 21 Trillion Dollars. The first “salvo” in this idea was proposed by the President last February with the “My RA” program. In this proposed voluntary program private 401k’s would be used to purchase government bonds. The Service Employee International Union, or SEIU, a key labor supporter of the Obama administration, has initiated a drive to create government-mandated retirement accounts as an entitlement program, that a part of all private retirement funds could be forced into U.S. Treasury debt. In a currency collapse or some other emergency a voluntary program might be made mandatory with the full force of the feds, after all they will say it’s for our own good.

If you think this can’t happen look at how the Federal Government has already violated the constitution for example seizing small business checking accounts through the IRS for consistently depositing amounts under $10,000 because “they Might” be drug related. This is tragic, absurd and an abuse of our rights to due process. These abuses would never had been contemplated let alone conducted by the government on the scale they are happening now 4 generations ago.

As the libertarian leaning radio personality Andrew Wilkow phrases it: “Socialism is not for the socialists it’s for everyone else” these elites from the Executive and congressional branches of government exempt themselves from ObamaCare and other federal legislation such as social security. . They even exempt their Union & Corporatist allies. These elites only believe in freedom of speech as long as it professes their point of view. The administration is directing the FCC to regulate the internet like any other utility. On its face value it looks like a great idea, after all its about fairness but one has to look at how the government used to regulate talk-radio under its equal time provision prior to the 1980’s . At that time very little talk radio programing was on the air. Why you may ask because liberal/progressive talk radio had few listeners conservative talk radio had plenty. The Radio stations that carried conservative talk radio which was lucrative to advertisers had to offer air time opposing views which cost them money thus they shied away from political talk format programs. After the regulations were abolished in the 1980’s and using free market principles so-called conservative talk radio exploded. In response the liberal Air America started but quickly went bankrupt because of lack of ratings /listeners. If the administration can regulate content on the internet I will predict that many opposing voices will be silenced, maybe even this website, Of course the elites will still have their NPR & PBS which is not funded by the free market and receives subsidies from the federal government that puts out mostly progressive content.

By influence of the federal dept. of education many states are restricting home schooling with many in the National Education Association (NEA) pushing in some states for its outlawing altogether. After all Valdimir Lenin said: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” This is the same policy followed by every totalitarian society from National Socialism (Nazism) to Maoist China. The current administration even tried to deport back a devout Catholic German Couple who left Germany because they wanted to homeschool their children.

I guess the Administration thought it was OK to allow 5 million people into this company who broke the law and grant them social security benefits that they didn’t pay into rather than grant this couple asylum who did not want handouts and only to raise their children according to their religious principles It took a campaign by several congressmen and a huge outcry to stop this injustice. Ask this question where do most progressive politicians who consistently vote against school vouchers and charter schools send their children? It isn’t the local public school they force you to pay for.

As the present mayor of Chicago and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel infamous saying :“Never let a good crisis go to waste” there are proposals to spend millions of dollars by the Federal Government to train local police in the wake of the recent events in Ferguson Missouri. First off there is nothing in the constitution that states the Federal Government to have any say in how local police agencies are run. I would make the argument in reviewing the debates in the ratifying conventions and the federalist Papers that the constitution would never have been ratified by the several states if they thought the Federal Government would have been granted policing powers other than over federal employees and their agents. There is even a call in congress to “Nationalize” local & state police. Isn’t it bad enough that small local police forces are being armed to the teeth with military weapons and armed tactical vehicle’s? Federalizing of state and local police forces is not only unconstitutional but also dangerous. This centralization of law enforcement is in the playbook of every totalitarian state from the Soviet Union, East Germany & Nazi Germany.

I see this transformation of this country to a Corporatist , Fascist Oligarchical State could be complete by 2040, unless we as a free people change our hearts, minds and reform ourselves. If we don’t change our present course the Federal Government will be “Federal” in name only and will dictate every decision of our lives from what are children have for lunch to what medical procedures we can have to regulating how much energy our homes can use much of this apparatus is already in place. The ruling elite of course as in all oligarchies corporate insiders and the political class will be exempt. As in Orwellian fashion they will state “Freedom is Slavery” this after all is all being done for our own good or are you the average American Citizen too stupid to know this. .Those who believe in natural rights true economic freedom, Natural Rights, will be relegated to the margins at best or as I won’t speculate in this article but using history as my guide it won’t be pretty.

2) The Union is Dissolved:

“Succession” is the second scenario . I said the “S” word and the sky hasn’t opened up and I wasn’t struck by a bolt of lightning. Several prominent people are talking about it. Radio talk show host Mike Church advocates and some intellectuals such as Kevin Gutzman the famous constitutional scholar, thinks it should be considered. The constitution was supposed to be a compact between the sovereign states in setting up the Federal Government. The Idea that the Federal Union is perpetual is an idea promulgated after the civil war. Prior to the civil war there were movements to legally dissolve the union not only from the southern states but also from New England (See Hartford Convention December 15, 1814 – January 5, 1815). I believe states can succeed from the union if Two-Thirds agree under article 5 of the constitution and call for a convention of the states. The states could then can decide to set up a new federation or federation’s or to dissolve the union all-together. If one agrees that the constitution is a compact and under the compact the required majority (2/3rds of the states) agree that the current situation isn’t working the states have the power to dissolve or amend that compact. The Federal Government has influenced the states to accept its overreach by bestowing on them boatloads of money. In order for the states receive such funds they must agree to federal mandates. The progressives have been successful at this in setting up the Federal Reserve. This Entity outside the federal government can print money almost at will this has debased our currency to the point where a dollars’ worth of purchasing power in 1900 takes a hundred dollars now. They have financed this debt in two ways: first by selling debt and second having the benefit of US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency since the end of the second world war.

Things are beginning to change first the states have begun to wake up to the fact that the golden handcuffs of federal funding have become chains in many instances. The federal government has a way of changing interpretations of what was agreed to when the states accepted funds originally. This is proven by the fact that in the last 10 years more lawsuits have been filed against the federal government by the states than ever before in history. The second is that the federal debt and unfunded liability has reached the point where it can never be paid back. Foreign governments have been cutting back in purchasing of our debt one has to wonder when no one wants to purchase government bonds anymore especially when the federal reserve is artificially keeping interest rates near zero. Third is that there are attempts to move away from the dollar as the reserve currency when that happens the house of cards that is our monetary system will collapse this might not happen in the next year or two but I predict will happen within the next ten to fifteen years.

How will the federal government react to the collapse of the dollar the call of the states to regain their rightful sovereignty? As with all living organism’s (And the federal government is) it will do everything to protect its power. That is why the founders believed in limited, decentralized power. Name me one powerful government that voluntarily gave up its power the answer is none. Again I will not speculate and I will keep my thoughts to myself and pray I am wrong.

3) Restoration:

The least likely scenario is that the people of this country will change their hearts and minds. We have to stop worshipping at the altar of the government and turn over our hearts to the creator who granted us our natural rights. This change of heart starts in our homes, schools, churches. Mosques and synagogues. We have to wake up from our slumber and demand that the constitution be restored as the law of the land. We must accept responsibility for our own actions. We should organize peacefully , Protest, Vote and be a nuisance and an annoyance to our elected officials . We must reject the notation we are entitled to the fruits of another person’s labors and respect personal property rights. In short we must fight to roll back and restore the constitutional chains on the federal government. We must stop playing party politics and being cheerleaders on foreign intervention. We must look inward restore our own house and stop being the world’s policeman. We must be the guarantors of our own freedom and no one else’s

Please pray for our country it is in dire need of it.

From BradyReports: may you and your family have a blessed Christmas & may the lord protect us in the difficult times ahead.

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