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RIP :The State of Mainstream Journalism in America

Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.

-Thomas Jefferson

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.

-George Washington

Political commentator Tucker Carlson and his website the “Daily Caller” ( ) last week finally put the nail into the coffin of the “Unbiased” mainstream media with his expose’ of   “JournoList” , the online community of journalists that outlined plans to prop up then senator Obama’s 2008 campaign by leveling unfounded charges of “racism “ against Republicans and others. Indeed most observers have always believed that the mainstream media  (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post ) have always leaned left since academic studies have shown that journalists that have worked for these outlets have voted for the Democratic Party 80-90% in presidential elections since the late 1950’s. But most of us conservatives & libertarians thought the bias was in the basis of airing or printing stories that favored  the “Liberal”  point of view and not necessarily covering stories that might favor the conservative point of view a bias yes; but a sin of omission rather than commission. Well this story now proves without a doubt that the mainstream media took sides in the 2008 election and knowingly took an active role to promote the Obama campaign. This even included the suggestion of labeling critics of the candidate racists.

The only contrary point of view to the overwhelming liberal bias is now Fox news, Conservative Bloggers like myself and talk radio. This is why the Obama Administration has tried to marginalize Fox news by calling them “Not a real News outlet” and by limiting Fox news access to the white house pool. The administration seems to want to “Prop Up” their supporters in the media by the recent  Federal Trade Commission proposal to subsidize newspapers.  If you look at the most negative stories recently concerning the administration: ACORN,  The Justice Department dropping of charges of voter intimidation against the Black Panthers, Van Jones’s radical associations , there was virtually no coverage in mainstream media outlets only Fox news, Talk Radio & the internet covered these stories. The silence by the mainstream media was deafening.

A vibrant and diversified “Fourth Estate” was considered by the founders to be an essential check on governmental power. If you look at the election campaigns of the late eightieth early ninetieth century some of the founders: Washington, Jefferson & Adams in particular bore the brunt of the new republic’s press freedom by partisan and sometimes brutal criticism by their political rivals but they never would dream of using Presidential power to limit access to those not favoring their point of view or using  government funds to support newspapers of their supporters. What is this administration and their compliant media allies scared of?  Is it the free market of ideas and opinions and a free citizenry waking up to a possible threat to their individual freedom?  Each American will have to answer that question for themselves.

-Just my opinion D.B.

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